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In summer a patio can be just like another room in your home, providing a relaxing haven where the whole family can spend quality time together escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Effective patio design can mean that you increase the floor space of your home by adding an outside area that allows you to entertain like never before. A patio can be a rectangular slab of concrete with some plastic chairs or even a few tired and uneven flag stones. However, with imagination, good quality materials and of course excellent craftsmanship, it can be so much more.



Valley Driveways are proud of the outstanding installations which have been constructed by our excellent workmen. With a list of recent installations available on request we encourage you to inspect our work and contact our satisfied customers. Whether your ideal choice of patio is selected from Marshall’s extensive range of pre-cast, concrete manufactured flag-stones or beautiful natural quarried sandstone, we always aspire to deliver superior attention to detail. Making you feel confident that you have selected the right company to make your wishes become reality. At Valley Driveways we guarantee that no stone is left unturned (sorry, no pun intended) in delivering the excellence you deserve.