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Maintaining your driveway or patio is no different to maintaining your car or your central heating boiler. No matter how well your driveway is laid or, how much was spent on the quality of materials used, all forms of paving require some basic maintenance to keep them looking their best. You wouldn’t dream of buying a new car and not having it serviced regularly and a driveway or patio is no different. Those that promise “maintenance-free” paving are, in our opinion hiding the truth. Regular maintenance every 2/3 years will keep your driveway looking in great condition and ensure that it continues to “look as good as new”. A lack of maintenance allows paving to deteriorate and not look anything like it did when it was first laid.


Whilst other companies may claim that certain types of paving are ‘weed free’ if detritus is allowed to accumulate on a surface, it will only be a matter of time before a weed will grow into the sand filled gaps between the paving blocks. At Valley Driveways we offer a comprehensive driveway and patio restoration service which we guarantee will bring your driveway back to life, or just maintain its excellent appearance.

The two services we offer at Valley Driveways are the Maintenance Package and the Restoration Packages.

The Maintenance Package is offered exclusively to customers who have had their driveway professionally laid by Valley Driveways. After the driveway has been laid we can seal the blocks with an appropriate sealant. The two key properties for all sealants are their ability to repel oil and water. Therefore, an ability to repel oil means that your newly installed driveway will be protected from fuel or engine leaks and the ability to repel water enables the paving to resist staining from water-based contaminants such as beverages, including fruit juices, wines, beers and spirits.

Surely the most important benefit from having your driveway sealed is the fact that the jointing sand located between the blocks is now ‘locked in’ therefore protecting it from any weed penetration. Weeds do NOT grow through block paving, but will grow into paving by colonising the sand-filled joints or settling onto accumulated detritus. Therefore by having a sealant applied, and then brushing it down occasionally to stop the build up detritus, weeds will be eliminated. This is the key to your newly installed driveway looking great and being a real enhancement to your property.

Our restoration package is available to potential customers who wish to bring their driveway back to life. There are a number of possible solutions to rectify every type of driveway; from a general clean up, to a complete restoration package (even lifting sunken blocks back to the correct level). Our skilled workmen will completely transform your drive by cleaning the blocks of any unwanted detritus, before re-applying kiln dried sand which will bind the blocks back together. After this has taken place we will then seal your driveway, this will not only enhance the colour of your existing block paving, but will “lock in” the binding sand, therefore eliminating those dreadful weeds as they will no longer be able to penetrate the soft sand. After Valley Driveways has restored your drive, you will be amazed at how we have transformed it to look like new.